How Can We Help Our Body Heal?

how can we help our body heal

BY SHELBY SMYTH | January 24, 2022
Sunday’s Readings

I went home to Southern Mississippi for two and a half weeks for my Christmas break between semesters. While I was home, the weather was beautiful. 70 degrees and sunny most days. To take advantage of this, knowing I was coming back to Cleveland to the snow and cold, I went on long walks every morning. I would go three or four miles every day to bask in the sun and breeze. I racked up a total of 33 miles in my time at home. I am so grateful for my body, each and every part, that allowed me to accomplish that. 

how can we help our body heal

In the second reading, Saint Paul reminds the Corinthians that they are all part of the same body of Christ. When I read this, I think of the many different parts that make up the body, the heart, the eyes, the feet, the skin, the lungs, etc. They all work differently in order to keep us alive every day. We are lucky enough to breathe without even thinking about it, and our heart keeps going without us telling it to. Our legs (bones, muscles, and joints) are able to bring us places; they were able to sustain me through my long walks. Every part of our body has a different way of working, for a common goal to keep us alive and well. Just like that, we all have different talents and gifts that we use to work towards the common goal of living a life of love, passion, justice, and faith. How can we be more conscious of every moving part of our body and be more grateful for each cell?

Something that stood out to me was:
“For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body,
whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free persons,
and we were all given to drink of one Spirit.” (1 Corinthians 12:13)

In this time, where everyone has such diverse identities and ways of expressing their faith, in whatever that looks like, I think this is something SO important to remember. Every person on this Earth is part of the same Earth. We are all on this planet sharing space and walking alongside each other on our individual journeys. While our journeys are individual, each a cell or part in the body, we are essential to the success of the body. One part is not more important than the other. So many of our brothers and sisters of different faiths are constantly in fear that they will receive hate because of their beliefs. So many of our brothers and sisters of color are constantly in fear that they will receive hate because of their skin color. These parts of our body (and many others) are hurting because they are seen as less valuable, and they need healing. How can we help our body heal?

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  1. Dr Eileen Quinn Knight
    Dr Eileen Quinn Knight says:

    We can help our bodies heal by our respect for one another. My young grandchild (7) prays for all – the Muslim person who lives on her block and the Jewish people in her neighbor. She believes that we should pray for everyone as they are respectful and kind to her. Our lives today are conflicted and complex, but we all know what it means to be treated well and with kindness. In the story of His Passion and death we see that everyone who came in contact with the suffering Lord was treated in a manner of respect. He did not fight back when the cross was hoisted on His shoulder. He did not fight back when the crown of thorns was placed on His head. He did not fight back when the sword pierced His side. He did not fight back when the nails were put in His hands and feet. He constantly and consistently showed His love and care for His people. Today, let us imitate our Savior in His love and care for others and offer the pain of being misunderstood and wrongly accused to the love of others.

  2. Cathe Shoulberg
    Cathe Shoulberg says:

    Thanks for the wonderful posts on the differing gifts of the body! It is only when we come together as One, that we will have the most effective impact on our World. We need all people, all races and colors, all identities.
    For each and everyone of us is made in God’s image!

  3. Dr.Cajetan Coelho
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho says:

    Thanks Shelby for this thought-provoking article. Indeed we are living in a world of diversity, super- diversity, and conviviality. All of us are important for one another on our common journey ahead.


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