Holy Saturday: Wounded by Beauty’s Absence

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War rages. Christ dies. The earth trembles under the pounding of bombs. The sky darkens as his body is taken down from the Cross. Children, grandparents, and soldiers, perish under the weight of our rejection of God’s vision for who we can be. Christ waits in the tomb and the rock shelters him. God’s gift of God’s self is spurned and destroyed, and yet in spite of this God still loves. The women will come to the tomb to anoint Christ’s body. A nurse will gently bind a wound. The women will not find him in the tomb, because Christ lives and a teacher will teach in a refugee camp. Because Christ lives, strangers will bring food and offer shelter. Because Christ lives, the wounds of the world will move us to act. Because Christ lives, we will live as light bearers, as peace makers, as the ones who know God’s heart. Christ lives because God is love and the tomb is the very moment and place where that wounded love explodes into all reality, sending small shards of its light into each of us.

Holy Saturday: Wounded by Beauty’s Absence

[Christ, Bianca Badillo, for Meeting Christ in Faith & Art, LMU 2022]

We will awaken—not just to the dawn, but to the hope that the starkness of the tomb urges us to create. We have been wounded by beauty’s absence, and standing at the door of the empty tomb recommit ourselves to reimagine, reclaim, rebuild, and rejoice, because… Christ lives.

For Reflection: 

  • Is there a tomb keeping me from stepping out to live the fullness of God’s vision for me?
  • In what way, however small, can I be a source of light and hope to those in my midst? 
  • Can I make it a practice to listen intently to my heart each day to hear God’s gentle voice guiding me?
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  1. Martha
    Martha says:

    That was a beautiful reflection today, relating Christ’s passion, death and resurrection to our lives. May you have a blessed Easter.

  2. Dr Eileen Quinn Knight
    Dr Eileen Quinn Knight says:

    As the author states: “we have been wounded by beauty’s absence”. Our lives ‘need’ beauty it is part of who we are and want to become. The spring beauty of nature, the beauty of people wanting to celebrate Christ’s life within us, the beauty of each other, the beauty of discovering goodness in ourselves and others and recognizing it. During this time let us find beaty and flaunt it. The Holy Spirit calls us to discernment and with Him we see the beauty that creeps into our Art, our music, our dance and each other. The beauty of the sunrise and sunset is offered by God. The inclusivity of our lives by wrapping our minds spiritually around others. Filling our lives with beauty brings us the joy of knowing/loving and serving our God in the best way possible with all our gifts and abilities shining forth in the world. Let us today ‘notice’ the beauty of others and tell them why it helps us.

  3. Gary M CiubaAnd
    Gary M CiubaAnd says:

    And the resurrection lives in the power of your language. Thank you for this foretaste of Easter.


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