For the second day of Virtual Posadas, I want to direct you to a resource that I think is very rich, especially in context of the celebration of posadas. That resource is Faces of DACA, a resource that was originally created in 2020.

I point us to this resource because in the stories of these DACA recipients, some of whom I’ve gotten to know personally in the last few months of my working for ISN, I see clearly the hope that Jesus represents in the Posadas story.As Mary and Joseph are carrying Jesus into the world, so too do these young people represent the hope that all migrants bring.

There are a few written reflections on the website, as well as several links to Youtube videos of previous livestreams. Click the button below to see the website for Face of DACA.


Prayer of Hope in defense of DACA

We pray for DACA recipients,
For their protection, their dignity, their hope.
And for ourselves, as allies,
That we may boldly lift our voices
Again and again as advocates.
That we may remember our own times of uncertainty and fear,
And authentically stand in solidarity With those for whom
DACA has brought light and hope.

And, as those directly affected by migration and inhumane policies,
We pray for our community—
people of undocumented, DACA, migrant, refugee, mixed-status;
For our families, our homes, and our dreams.
Sustain our vision, strength, and ongoing action for justice, oh God,
That we may maintain hope
And find light, as we live our days with the
Constant backdrop of uncertainty.

And we pray for the policy makers—
All those in positions of power in our government and courts.
May the United States Supreme Court,
The President of the United States,
And all elected and appointed officials
Have the wisdom to see
And uphold the dignity of all people,
Regardless of immigration status.



Now, as we move from prayer towards action, and reflect on the hope that DACA recipients and other undocumented people bring, we move towards action. Before 2022 ends, Congress has an opportunity to take legislative action to provide permanent security for the 800,000 current DACA recipients in the United States. With this in mind, we encourage you to take action and send your congresspeople the message that we stand with DACA recipients.


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