For today’s posadas experience, we have a very special treat: Brenda, an ISN intern, and her mother, Margarita, will be showing us how to make piñatas!

Piñatas are a very normal part of the posadas experience, much like the singing and the sharing of traditional foods like tamales and champurrado. Watch the video to learn more about how to make piñatas, and their history, and how they fit into the celebration of posadas.


For today’s prayer, contemplate the quote below:

“Behold God beholding you . . . and smiling.”
-Anthony de Mello, SJ

Can we imagine God beholding us?
Can we imagine God smiling in that beholding?
Can we imagine how the piñata, a symbol of celebration, might help us to understand the celebration of this season?

Let us feel ourselves, beholding God beholding us, and smiling. God is with us as we celebrate, even in the face of adversity.
Solidarity is being able to mourn and celebrate with each other. Let us be in solidarity with one another.


Today’s action is make a piñata!

As you make your piñata (or even if you don’t actively participate in making a piñata on this day), think about the symbolism of traditional piñatas. The seven points on the piñata represent the seven deadly sins, and the candy represents the grace that we receive from God.

As we consider this journey of migration that millions of people have undergone, what are the sins that have caused people to migrate? In what ways have individuals and groups acted that have separated people from the notions of safety and security in their own homes that have forced them to move? What are the root causes of migration? Have I contributed to them?

Additionally, what are the graces that migrants bring? In what ways have migrants benefited the communities that they have made home? Where, in the midst of all of this suffering, do we find beauty? (If you need an example, you are reflecting on a piñata, a tradition for a celebration in the lead up to Christmas that was brought to this country by migrants!)

Write down your answers, if you’d like. You can reference them for tomorrow’s action!


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