For today’s experience of Virtual Posadas, I am happy to present this video of myself making a cocktail, and showing you all how to also make this cocktail. I hope you enjoy!


Gracious and loving God,
you are with us in moments of joy and in moments of sorrow,
in moments of merriness and celebration,
and in moments of anguish and despair.
Be with us now as we near the commemoration of the birth of your son,
and the celebration of generosity and hospitality that accompanies this moment. Allow the joy and gratitude
that comes with making and sharing a libation
to help remember the moments that accompany all human life,
and to stand in solidarity with the marginalized
both in moments of pain,
and in moments of rejoicing.



Today’s action is to make this drink!

There are two additional actions that may accompany this. The first is to make this drink for you and a friend or family member (if you want to share this with someone whom you are not in physical contact with, you can send this video to them instead).

Secondly, if you’ve shared this drink with them, and you wrote down your reflections from yesterday’s action, you can share  some of those thoughts with them. Give them the same prompts, and see if they have any other thoughts about celebration, and the ideas of structural sin and communal grace. This may be a difficult conversation to have, but it becomes easier to do over a drink. Cheers!


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