We have arrived at the final day of posadas. At sundown tonight masses will begin to celebrate the birth of Jesus, which, over the last eight days of posadas, we’ve been patiently awaiting alongside the Holy Family.

It’s in this waiting that we’ve been able to see the faces of migrants and asylum seekers, both inside of our country, as well as awaiting to enter on the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexico border. Within their stories, their struggles and their triumphs, that we’ve met the hope that they carry. Much like Joseph and Mary, it’s this hope that gives us all life.

Now, as we reach an end to posadas, I welcome you to carry these stories, as well as this hope, into the Christmas season and the new year. There are many trials ahead for comprehensive immigration reform, and for advocates of migrant and refugee justice.

Earlier this week, just days ahead of the prospective end of Title 42, an action of the Supreme Court stayed that ending, dashing hope that asylum seekers might be able petition to enter the country. Still, the legislative effort to extend Title 42 was thankfully voted against by legislators.

There is much to be concerned about, and much to stay vigilant of, but in this moment, let us reflect, rejoice, and pray.


Loving and eternal Lord God,
as we prepare to welcome your son,
Lord Jesus Christ,
into our midst,
give us the courage and the faith to see your son’s face
in the face of all migrants,
of all children of parents from somewhere else,
of all refugees fleeing violence and persecution,
of all parents seeking a better life for their children,
of all the Dreamers,
of all who make the trail easier for those who will follow them,
of all leaving home because of climate change,
of all people looking for hope.

Just as Jesus has been our hope through Advent,
allow us to carry the candle of hope for one another.

Let us be stewards of each other, and of the earth,
actively working to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate
the stranger in our midst,
so that we may cease to be strangers at all.



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