Day 8: Right in Front of Us

BY WOODY LIU | March 1, 2023
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As I found a new home in Seattle and a new school community in Seattle Prep, I was welcomed with open arms by my new colleagues, new friends, and, most surprisingly, the senior class. Seniors can always seem a bit intimidating for a “rookie” on campus.  However, I remember being so impressed by the maturity and leadership of this group of students that welcomed me to Seattle Prep. They led the student body courageously out of the chaotic covid school years and restored a sense of normalcy back on our campus. However, before we knew it, their senior year would be ending, and we were preparing to send them out into the real world.

Day 8: Right in Front of Us

Fast forward to the start of this current school year, and many staff members and students found ourselves looking around for last year’s seniors. We walked the campus on the first week back, searching the classrooms and hallways for signs of that memorable group of leaders. While they were a special group of students who certainly left their mark on our campus, we also need to consider that maybe they were products of something greater: a Jesuit institution with a rich history, mission, and identity that holds its ground as waves of students pass through it each year.

While it is natural to appreciate the unique gifts and talents of those in front of us each year, today’s gospel is a reminder that there is likely something greater at work right in front of us each day at our schools and in our communities. There is a foundation, a framework, and a faith that should allow us to see God in all of our students that pass through our campus—and all who we encounter—year in and year out.

For Reflection:

  • Are we busy searching far and wide for signs from God when His light may be right in front of us each day?
  • Are we taking time to pause, amidst the chaos, to remind ourselves that there is something greater at work in our communities?
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  1. Kathy Gurry Cotter
    Kathy Gurry Cotter says:

    Absolutely delighted with this reading. My Catholic education is the most valuable thing that my parents ever gave me.
    Being a senior I have lived pre and post Vatican II. I have observed how many have turned away from a firm Catholic practice with excuse after excuse. They usually had a parochial education in grade school only.
    It is one of my most grievous experiences in life that I was unable to afford a second level education for my children because of financial difficulties.
    New to this website and very grateful.
    Thank you. Kathy

  2. Elizabeth Mullen
    Elizabeth Mullen says:

    His Light is within and round about us always — He is with us always; the nearest of the near, the dearest of the dear. ✨🙏🏼

  3. Jean Kennedy
    Jean Kennedy says:

    When I sit on a beach rock or driftwood log and listen to The ocean and watch the sea gulls and ducks etc. I see God there in the midst of creation. When I hear the wind whisper in the trees I think of Thomas Merton and Feel the trees are praying and the ocean is in constant praise.


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