Holy Saturday: Flickers of Candlelight

Holy Saturday: Flickers of Candlelight

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To me, Holy Saturday is a flickering candle. The women who stood at the foot of the cross and witnessed Jesus’ death went home with heavy hearts. Yet, as is traditional, they lit the Shabbat candles. I imagine the women watching the flickering of the candle well into the night on Friday and throughout the morning of Holy Saturday. Through the chaos of darkness in their minds and hearts, in my imagination, the candle does not burn out.

Holy Saturday: Flickers of Candlelight

Image credit: Larry Hanelin

That flickering candle is our experience of God’s light here at the border. It is the warmth that Luis experienced when he was lost and alone in the desert on a cold January night. The gift of God’s warmth reminded him of God’s love, which sustains him in his impossible circumstances. It is the light that Rosario clung to as she endured 20 years of severe domestic violence and, upon fleeing, found herself in an unfamiliar border city where her children are still terrified. It is the flicker in the eyes of a family of 6 from Cuernavaca who stayed in the Kino Border Initiative shelter this February. The children are all high school-aged and dream of restarting their studies if and when they get to a safe place, although it’s hard for them to see how they might ever get to safety.

We experience Holy Saturday as a lead up to the Resurrection, but the women who witnessed Jesus’ death didn’t know what was to come. All they could do was cling to the flicker of light that they could see and hope that it might grow into a fire.

For Reflection: 

  • What flickers of candlelight do you cling to?
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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho says:

    Thanks. Flickers of Candle Light – offer hope. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”.

  2. Elsie C Romano
    Elsie C Romano says:

    Just like the women at the tomb who didn’t know what would come next and only saw the dead Christ, I don’t know what comes next when I look at the climate issues, political unrest, and immigration borders. Sometimes I see only the dead Christ, too. It takes courage and perseverance to look beyond the body and imagine the good that will come from all this chaos.

  3. Yongwoo Lim
    Yongwoo Lim says:

    The flickering lights I am clinging to are the Word of God, liturgy, and human connection. Moreover, the green color of nature, the sunshine, the heartbeat, and the cold wind are also flickering lights to me.

  4. sonja
    sonja says:

    The flickering lights are all around us in those who have experienced war atrocities and trauma and can still believe tomorrow will be better.
    We can create a better tomorrow by sharing our love with others today.


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