Finding God’s Love

BY GRACE ADAMS | May 13th, 2024
Sunday’s readings

We imagine God in so many ways. Part of Ignatian spirituality leverages the gift of the imagination to bring us closer to God and feel God’s love. Imagining what it would be like to be present in a scripture passage and activating all five senses within that scene are all ways we can deepen our unique relationships with God. 

I was first exposed to this way of contemplation during my time at Le Moyne College. Campus ministers and various Jesuit priests guided me and others through the Examen prayer, where one meditatively goes through their previous day or week and notices God’s presence in new or refreshed ways. This prayer practice, which can be creatively adapted to specific themes and issues, gave me a new way to learn how God loves me, the world around me, and ultimately how this love can be transferred to others, especially in terms of being men and women for and with others. 

Our Sunday readings have a theme of how we can love as God loves us. This led me to reflect on what God’s love feels and looks like and how we share that love with others. The Examen is a way I have expanded upon my knowledge of God’s love, which has only helped me love others in that way. As the second reading from the first letter of John states, “We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us. God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in [them].” Reflecting on how I felt God’s presence throughout my day or my week allows me to identify how I can share that presence with others in solidarity. How does God move you to love and stand in solidarity with others?

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  1. Dr. Eileen Quinn Knight
    Dr. Eileen Quinn Knight says:

    The meditation that Grace presents to us is one that can become a pattern of God for the day. To use the examen as the foundational reflection gives us constant awareness of the presence of God in our lives. I am ready to start the morning with the Examen and look over the day. How will I help others to know the love of God as they go throughout their day.? In the Examen I look at the positive examples that have taken place througout my day-both small and large. In going to my spine doctor, I prayed that he would be aware of the goodness of God in his life and translate that goodness to the others he works with thus becoming a community of God’s love. In a small group discussion of the Holy Spirit, I know the power of the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and call on Him before I speak. When I recycle the containers for the food I get I believe the Presence of God allows me to know I am assisting the care of the universe. To me, there are so many incidents, actions, prayers throughout the day that help us keep our focus on the love of God. Thank youGrace for the reflection that called me to His tremendous love.


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