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Jesuit Volunteer Reflects: The Courage to Ask For Help

A Jesuit Volunteer Reflects: I only had only one more thing to buy: lemons. I reached into my pockets and felt for the coins I had left: $550 pesos (a little more than a dollar). As I walked through the feria, where my community buys our fruits and vegetables, I glanced around at the different stands for the prices of the lemons. One man was selling a half kilogram for $700 pesos. Another was selling them at $800 pesos for a half kilo. I walked up to the two men and asked if they would sell me a quarter kilo, for it was what I could afford. “No way,” they told me, “Only half kilo or more.”

Jesuit Volunteer Reflects: Faith and Frisbee

When I first started playing Ultimate Frisbee my freshman year of college, I never thought that six years later the sport would be so connected to my faith. And yet, as I write this blog post, I realize that some of the moments where I most found God in this past year in Chile were on the Ultimate Frisbee field.