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Rutilio Grande, S.J. | 1928 – 1977

BY CHRIS KERR | March 12, 2012 Today we remember the life of Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., who was murdered in El Salvador in 1977 at the hands of Salvadoran paramilitary soldiers.  Grande is most often referenced for his friendship with the late Archbishop Oscar Romero, who Rutilio enlightened by sharing the stories of the marginalized […]

Today Marks the 31st Anniversary of the Loss of Four Courageous Women

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the loss of four courageous women – Sr. Maura Clarke M.M., Jean Donovan, Sr. Ita Ford, M.M., and Sr. Dorothy Kazel, O.S.U. who were murdered in El Salvador on December 2, 1980, while serving as missionaries during a very tumultuous period in the history of the Americas.

“Crossing the River: West of the Rockies”

I was blessed with the opportunity to spend three days last week at the California and Oregon Province Social Ministry Gathering at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos, California. The program convened staff at Jesuit parishes, universities, high schools, social ministries, and related projects together for a collective discussion on the theme “Crossing the River: Spirituality and Healing in Social Ministries”. The group was not only diverse in the ways they minister but the people they work with, including those ministering to Native Americans, people in prison, individuals trying to escape gang life, and immigrants, to name a few.