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Culture of Disposability

The culture of disposability abounds when personal convenience becomes the primary driving force behind individual decisions, while other factors – like accounting for limited earthly resources, fair wages for workers, and environmental health – do not factor into our decision making processes.


Baby Stepping into 2013

New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. At least they don’t work for me. 2002: Get in Shape. 1999: Learn a New Language. How did those work out for me? Well, let’s just move on. So I haven’t made them in about a decade because I used to find that I would forget about them by mid-to-late January. By that time each year something else had grabbed my attention and that capital “R” Resolution had slowly faded into the din of my life.


Christmas: Take Back Control of this Season

So why should the season of Advent, the liturgical season of great hope for Christians, become so empty? So frivolous? So antithetical to the spirit of love, generosity, and divinity?