Entries by Garrett Gundlach, S.J.

Day 13: Creation’s Own Prophetic Voices

Who are our prophets today? It’s easy to identify them in hindsight, voices that stirred and empowered the collective conscience of a people to act for change. But in the present, prophetic voices are uncomfortable. We don’t want to grant them the title “prophet” because then we’d be obligated to listen, to heed, to change!

Day 2: Forty Days to Reflect, Forty Days to Choose

Well, we’ve just begun our own 40-day desert journey, and we have the same options laid before us. And we’re reminded still that our decisions, both individually and collectively, affect not only our lives, but the lives also of our children’s children. Our decisions can enrich the health of our planet, sustaining many new generations; our decisions can also compromise it!