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Awareness and Collaboration: Ignatian Carbon Challenge at Walsh Jesuit High School

“I found the Ignatian Carbon Challenge to be a perfect way to live out one [characteristic of] the Jesuit Grad at Grad: committed to justice,” shares Roman Gioglio. “Students hear a lot about this component, and I was ecstatic when I was able to directly do this through the Ignatian Carbon Challenge.”


Respect and Dignity: Jesuit Parish Offers Sanctuary to Immigrant Brothers and Sisters

On the evening of January 19, parishioners gathered at the doors of St. Agnes Church in San Francisco invoking a blessing and making a bold commitment to serve as a sanctuary church for the community.

Oh, 2016.

Each year I assume (or hope . . . or pray!) that it will be THE YEAR. The year that our family will slide into Advent in a calm, organized, thoughtful manner.