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Journey Together: ISN Hosts First Virtual Teach-In on Migration

On March 2, 2019, ISN hosted the first Virtual Teach-In on Migration, an opportunity for the Ignatian family to explore the realities of migration—both on the border and in communities across the country.

Coffee, Jesuits, and Justice: A Cooperative Model Addresses Root Causes of Migration

18 years ago, a community of small-holder indigenous coffee farmers in Chiapas, Mexico approached the Jesuits for assistance to end forced migration from the region. Today, the resulting cooperative is transforming their community and bringing a powerful, tangible opportunity for support of a successful justice initiative to the U.S.

Loyola University New Orleans Jesuit Social Research Institute Report Reveals Scope and Depth of Hunger in Louisiana

A report issued last week by Loyola University New Orleans’ Jesuit Social Research Institute explores realities of hunger and food deserts in Louisiana.