Entries by Kelly Swan

Coffee, Jesuits, and Justice: A Cooperative Model Addresses Root Causes of Migration

18 years ago, a community of small-holder indigenous coffee farmers in Chiapas, Mexico approached the Jesuits for assistance to end forced migration from the region. Today, the resulting cooperative is transforming their community and bringing a powerful, tangible opportunity for support of a successful justice initiative to the U.S.

Loyola University New Orleans Jesuit Social Research Institute Report Reveals Scope and Depth of Hunger in Louisiana

A report issued last week by Loyola University New Orleans’ Jesuit Social Research Institute explores realities of hunger and food deserts in Louisiana.


Centro Ignacio Ellacuría Builds Upon Legacy of Casa de la Solidaridad in El Salvador

The Central American University in El Salvador announces Centro Ignacio Ellacuría, directed by Casa de la Solidaridad co-founders Trena and Kevin Yonkers-Talz.