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A Letter to My White Ignatian Family

Editor’s Note: Today’s reflection is written by Kristen Trudo, a 15-16 Jesuit Volunteer, and was inspired by her recent experiences working in St. Louis, Missouri. Read her previous reflection about her JV experience here.

Dear You,

Writing about race scares me. I’m intimidated by the misconception that my words represent the experience of an entire race of people. I know they don’t. But I also know that some people will assume that they do. You are white. So perhaps this does not resonate with you. I believe that one must write anyways, though. And my objective is simple: I once heard that “justice is the minimum of love.” So I suppose I am challenging you, as a person of the Ignatian family, to not speak of love until you can first work for justice.

Jesuit Volunteer Reflects: On Harry Potter and Privilege

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps brought me here—some 1800 miles from my home in California. To this place where leaves actually change, falling from the trees when October arrives. JVC brought me here. To La Salle Middle School. Where I walk with ninety students whose life experiences have been vastly different from my own. I am learning every day. About St. Louis. And community. And privilege.