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Solidarity Education: Engaging Worker Rights at St. Peter’s Prep Arrupe Week

March 26-30 was Arrupe Week at Saint Peter’s Prep. Each year the program brings a specific issue of injustice to the forefront and encourages our community to engage it and take action. This year’s theme, “Rights of the Worker,” was relevant in today’s world and directly related to Fr. Pedro Arrupe’s famous 1973 address “Men and Women for Others” where he stated, Catholics must have a firm determination to draw no profit whatever from clearly unjust sources. Not only that, but going further, to diminish progressively our share in the benefits of an economic and social system in which the rewards of production accrue to those already rich while the cost of production lies heavily on the poor.


Labre 281

When I arrived at Walsh Jesuit High School on the day of Labre number 281, I had few expectations of what I would be doing. I thought we would simply be preparing food, packing it into a van, and delivering it to all who needed it. My personal goal was to try my hardest to get to know some of the people who are experiencing homelessness in the Akron community and show them someone cared. What I was not prepared for was how these people would affect me.


Stand In Solidarity with the People of Colombia

This month we have the opportunity to join thousands of people of faith and hundreds of faith communities from across the United States and Colombia to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and reflect, pray and work together to bring an end to the Colombian conflict. Please join us in the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia 2012 movement!