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Senate Torture Report: Deception, Outrage, Nothing

The overall report shows that the Central Intelligence Agency employed torture techniques on individuals who were detained as potential threats to the United States between 2001 and 2006. The details are far more gruesome.

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Political Polarization and the Dignity of Man

In a rare moment of almost general consensus amongst the America people, it is agreed that the sooner that members of Congress overcome their political differences and ideologies, the better the nation will be served as a whole. That could mean any number of benefits to the nation, but in this moment, it means that the lives of millions could be effectively improved by recognizing their innate dignity, their humanness, and not condemning them to lives of what will most likely be systemic poverty or cruel and unwarranted death. We, as a state and as a people, cannot keep condemning our brothers and sisters to misery or death pro nostra et bonum.