Entries by Wanda Scott

Day 36: Putting It All on the Line

Our reading today tells the story of the three Hebrew men who refused to worship the god of King Nebuchadnezzar, sacrificing their very lives in obedience to their God. Their brave act challenged me to reflect upon my own beliefs and convictions and to consider if I would do the same if ever a situation required that level of sacrifice.

Day 21: The Power to Heal

We can all agree that America is in need of race reconciliation. But how do we begin to heal from our past?

I believe it requires three important actions that we can take from today’s reading. First, by acknowledging the sins of our past and present. We fall short if we only acknowledge the history of racism in America. We must also acknowledge the current structures of racism including police brutality, violence against minorities, under-resourced schools, inadequate and hazardous access to natural resources, and disproportionate rates of unemployment. It is also crucial to recognize white privilege and acknowledge that one’s skin color has afforded opportunities or access that is withheld from others.