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Love: Remembering the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

It’s that love that I remember this feast of St. Ignatius. Certainly God’s love made manifest in the form of Jesus is an integral part of Ignatius’ story. And after my trip to El Salvador a year ago, I now have a better understanding of that love because of the witness of Blessed Oscar Romero.
Katie Murphy stands at the tomb of the slain Archbishop Oscar Romero
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Committed to Doing Justice: It’s All About Love

Committed to doing justice is a disturbing, challenging and inspiring graduate profile. It is not enough to be committed to justice in word or intention; the goal is doing justice. May we honor it, live into it and love large.
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Here in El Salvador, Life is Worthless

Fr. Ignacio Ellacuría SJ, president of the University of Central America (UCA) during the Salvadoran Civil War, had an incredible gift for discerning the uncomfortable truths behind complex events. This gift would lead to his assassination in 1989. In an essay on what Ellacuría meant to him, Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez, a friend and colleague, recalls that “In the face of the horrors of those years, Ignacio used to say with shock and pain, ‘Here in El Salvador, life is worthless.’”