Rose Garden at the UCA

El Salvador: When Theology Meets Reality

For the past 10 years of my life (I am 24, so that is a lot) I have studied, read and talked about the UCA martyrs and El Salvador.

El Salvador: Our Time Among Them

Our time spent among them was a wonderful opportunity for them to show us how they have rebuilt their community, visiting a solar fruit dehydrating coop there, attending Mass in their new Church, speaking with community leaders in their community gathering space, and visiting the house where Fr. Jon Cortina, S.J.

El Salvador: Open to Growth, with everything

written by: Don Clarke, Director of Campus Ministry, Jesuit High School - Portland, Oregon | The following is a part of a series of reflections from our 25th Anniversary Delegation to El Salvador participants. This post was originally posted on Jesuit High School's blog here.