How Do We Choose?

    Here’s where the rubber hits the road—how do we fit in ‘justice’ in the daily life of family? I’ve been reading the last few posts and wondering, ‘When is she going to tell me how to do this?!?’ Spoiler Alert:…
Love One Another as I have Loved You

Love Poured Forth Lavishly

I was in fact serving in a very arms-wide-open, love-poured-forth-lavishly, probably-won’t-ever-get-to-shower-again sort of a way.
The Healing Touch of Jesus

Be Open

He touches the man’s ears, spits and touches the man’s tongue, and says, ‘Be opened’. It is another example of the power of Jesus’ healing hands and the relationship he invokes with God. But could it also be an invitation to those of us engaged in family life on how we are called to work actively towards justice?