Day 38: The Warmth or Violence of the Human Heart

When we kill our curiosity for the person before us, it becomes easier to dismiss them (or, tragically, even kill them). Offering human warmth is at the heart of the beatitudes (Mt 5:1-11), which is the roadmap to refreshing our hearts in this time of Lent.

Day 37: Fostering Promises

As workers for justice, we each plant seeds, and we each get to see other worker’s seeds bear fruit. We are reminded that “Abraham rejoiced” and are prompted to “Recall the wondrous deeds that God has wrought.”

Day 36: Clearing the Clutter for Clarity

Lent offers an opportunity to look at what clutters our life and gets in the way of what's most important—to evaluate those disordered attachments. It offers an opportunity to identify our personal false gods and ways we fall victim to what society tells us is most important.