Jon Cortina, S.J.

The Less Familiar Story: Padre Cortina

Twenty five years ago tonight, I was a seven-year-old watching the evening news with my parents, as we did every night. There was a story about some murders, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. It was until the Spring of 2003, when I was preparing to go to El Salvador for the first time, watching a documentary with my group, that I suddenly remembered having seen the footage on the nightly news nearly 15 years earlier. For me, this particular anniversary is a reminder of how interconnected our world is, how we really do have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters to help care for them and ensure our world is a place where all people are able to live without fear that their lives will be cut short by poverty, oppression, war, etc.

Ellacuría: Are We Really Dead?

“From my point of view – and this may be simultaneously somewhat prophetic and paradoxical – the United States is in a much worse situation than Latin America. Because the United States has a solution, but, in my opinion, it is a bad solution, both for them and for the world in general.

Rockhurst University Jesuits Reflect on Anniversary of Jesuit Martyrs

The following are reflections from members of the Jesuit community of Rockhurst University on the 25th anniversary of the Jesuit martyrs and their companions. The former Missouri Province (now part of the United States Central Southern Province) of the Jesuits has had a long-term relationship with the Central American Province, creating opportunities for many interactions with the Jesuits and the University of Central America in El Salvador over the years.