Day 35: Facing Our Fears

There is a place inside all of us where the Holy Spirit resides. Jesus knew this place intimately. It is from here we should feel strength to tackle tough environmental issues and to be empowered to share our knowledge and convictions with others like Jesus would.

Day 34: Let the One Among You

We too are called to stand up for, to defend, to act with courage. For other people, yes. But also for the very earth around us. Creation needs people who wield truth and love to advocate on its behalf. “Let the one among you who doesn’t need clean water be the first to risk poisoning the water table.” Sometimes, just the right words can change everything.

Day 33: Celebrate, Change, Prepare

This Sunday is the United Nations World Water Day: A day to celebrate, a day to change, a day to prepare. How powerful is that within the context of Lent? The theme for this year is water and sustainable development.