Being Before Doing

For that meal, the issues we think of when we hear “township” or “ghetto” took a backseat. We crowded together, laughing and eating our “kotas”, big sandwiches full of meat and french fries. We marveled at how awesome, albeit unusual, our friendship was given our differences.

Relationship—Here We Go!

A significant motivation for this trip was to address the fact that many of us are in relationships that we neglect on a daily basis. The clothes I wear, the technology I use, and the food I eat put me in relationship with millions of people that I ignore because our relationship is purely economic. Despite the fact that my consumption influences the quality of life for families around the world, my society gives me no reason to treat these relationships like the other relationships in my life. As long as I do not change my consumption habits, I am partly responsible for that constant burning, much as the inaction of the United States allowed the spread of apartheid.

We Are Traveling to South Africa to Listen

We challenge you to identify a significant change, tangible action, or inspiration in your life that has not been influenced or directly related to a human relationship. We believe that human relationship is one the most formative influences…