Miracles at Oak Flat: Brophy College Prep’s Native American Club’s Run for Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice

Called by an Ignatian faith that does justice, the Brophy College Prep Native American Club ran 188 miles to Oak Flat, a site sacred to the San Carlos Apache and other tribes, under threat by attempts to mine a vast copper deposit directly under the site.
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A Call to Creative Openness: Hope for Asylum Seekers & Refugees in 2021

May the Biden-Harris administration heed the words of Pope Francis and encourage our nation to “develop a creative openness to others"—and may we reaffirm our commitment to advocating in solidarity with the immigrant and refugee community. 
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“I Can’t Breathe”: A Litany for Justice

“I can’t breathe” and “they are going to kill me,” are terrifying words that whether spoken out loud, written, or held in hearts. Are we surprised that so many have identified with George Floyd’s plea for life and have taken to the streets?