Reason for Celebration: Environment and Food Security Project at Malawi's Jesuit Center for Ecology and Development

The discourse on the environment and development does not have to be heavy, it can be reason for celebration. At the “open day” ceremony, the women in the community danced, rejoicing the ongoing progress that will serve the earth and their society.
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Bishop McElroy: We Must Disrupt and Rebuild

The first U.S. regional World Meeting of Popular Movements took place in Modesto, California from February 16 to February 19, 2017. One set of remarks that has drawn quite a bit of attention were made by Bishop Robert W. McElroy, during a panel discussion on the barriers marginalized people face in housing and work.

To Change Everything, We Need Everyone

In our letters and phone calls, we articulated many of the justice issues addressed in Laudato Si’-- concerns about the environment, the EPA, the Dakota Access Pipeline, preservation land, and environmental justice to name a few. But we also spoke of refugees, immigrants, education and civil rights.