Father Bernard Darke was a British-born Jesuit who began his teaching career at Wimbledon College in South London. An active participant in the Scout Movement, he was eventually stationed in Guyana from 1960-1979 as a teacher at St. Stanislaus College. He also served as one of the photographers for the Catholic Standard in Guyana.

On July 14, 1979, a gang of government supporters attacked demonstrators of the Working People’s Alliance in Georgetown, Guyana. Father Darke, attempting to take photographs for the Catholic Standard, was killed when the government supporters turned and began attacking innocent bystanders. He was beaten and stabbed with a bayonet, dying later that day in the hospital from a ruptured lung around 6:00 p.m. In the words of Father John Hopkinson, SJ, the headmaster of St. Stanislaus College at the time of the murder: “It is easy to label Fr. Darke as a scout leader, as a photographer, as a teacher, as a priest, but the labels should not mask the unity and motives of a likeable and hardworking Jesuit striving to do all for the greater glory of God.”