Julia Elba Ramos was born in Santiago de Maria, El Salvador on March 5, 1947. Elba and her husband Obdulio had four children.  At the time of the massacre, Elba and Obdulio had two living children, one of whom was Celina Meredith.

Elba began working at the Jesuit residence at the UCA in 1985. Obdulio also began working at the Jesuit residence as a gardener and watchman.  The night of November 11, 1989, Elba and her daughter were sleeping in a small room next to the Jesuits’ dining hall. Elba was killed alongside her daughter Celina, her body wrapped around Celina’s, trying to protect her from the shooting. The night of the massacre, Celina’s father stayed at their home. He was the first to find the bodies of his wife and daughter alongside those of the murdered Jesuit priests.