A Child is Born

"My husband and I found out we were expecting in March of this year. However, we wondered what type of world our child would enter."
Dorothy Day

Advent: Dorothy Day and the Holiness of the Mundane

As we enter Advent, I find great consolation in Dorothy Day's life as a mother and grandmother, which I discovered in her musings about daily life on a visit to West Virginia to help her daughter Tamar with her young children in 1948.

Advent Reflection: What Are We Expecting?

To put that question into the language of the season, what is the Advent we need to pray for at this time? Advent is a time of expectation and waiting for God’s emergence in this world to save it. How should we imagine that divine emergence in our time? What do we have to proclaim – any Good News? What are we hoping and praying for this Advent?