Was every 30-second spot really worth $3.7 million?

But the bigger question on social media was not the final outcome for the Ravens and 49ers. It was the commercials! Were we as impressed as we should have been? Did Volkswagen and eTrade really convince us to buy their products? Was every 30-second spot really worth $3.7 million?
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Alta Gracia Movement at Fordham University

BY ISN STAFF | November 6, 2012 (Interview done by Sadie Curtin, intern at ISN) The following is an interview done with Brendan Francolini, student at Fordham University. This was in response to an article posted about the Alta Gracia…

Be A Part of Movement: Bring Living Wage Apparel to the Ignatian Family

I become involved with Alta Gracia -- a living-wage, unionized factory in the Dominican Republic -- and my work led me to an internship with Ethix Ventures, a socially conscious apparel and promotional goods distributor.