A Resurrection People: Commemoration of Casa de la Solidaridad

As nearly 90 alumni of Casa de la Solidaridad in El Salvador gathered to commemorate the program as it comes to an end, a deeply rooted community united to celebrate resurrection—dreaming, looking forward, and imagining continued work in the country.

Casa de la Solidaridad: Santa Clara University Announces Program Relaunch

Santa Clara University has announced the relaunch of its signature praxis-based global learning program — Casa de la Solidaridad.

El Salvador: Baptism by the People

I think to my time in El Salvador, and I reflect on the killings of black and brown bodies in our country this past week. For myself, I hope I can be baptized by the people. The stories they share, the vulnerability and anger they pragmatically practice, and the allies who support their voices. I fear how many more blood baptisms will take place before our country is baptized by its people.