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Finding Faith Again in Immokalee

In 2014, I went to Immokalee, Florida with a group of students from John Carroll University. Like many who attend immersion trips, I was excited to expand my worldview, learn from those we encountered and affirm my passion for social justice. Unlike many, however, my connection to my Catholic faith entering the trip was minimal at best.

Rape in the Fields, Little Did I Know

Univision and PBS have produced "Rape in the Fields," a 51-minute documentary examining three landmark cases against companies accused of condoning the abuse of female agricultural workers. The accusations of woman plaintiffs ranged from verbal harassment to rape. In some of the cases, women were awarded damages for the abuse they experienced and in others their pleas for justice went unheard.

Be A Voice “With” the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday, the CIW has invited people across the U.S. to advocate to Publix, a regional grocery chain, to join the farm workers "Fair Food Program." Included in their call is a reflection on "Two Thanksgivings," contrasting the realities of a typical U.S. family with those of a farm worker family in Immokalee - you can see the video below. Can you be a voice "with" the Coalition this Thanksgiving?