Whiteclay, NE: Boycott Bud, Support Pine Ridge

BY ISN STAFF | February 12, 2013 written by: David Fuxa, Creighton University '13 People are confronted with moral issues on almost a daily basis; please read on to discover another that the Ignatian Family ought to be aware of and responding…

Creighton University Attends the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

"Imagination Reform" was the theme of the 15th annual Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice (IFTJ) attended by Creighton University.

Making Big Strides on World Fair Trade Day

May 14th marks World Fair Trade Day, which celebrates the global effort to ensure trade benefits everyone, including the world’s most vulnerable populations. With the current poverty rates (more than 2.7 billion people living on $2 a day) and global effects of unsustainable agriculture and production practices in places like Indonesia and Nicaragua, now is the time to celebrate this fair economic model.