The Depth of a Jesuit Education

As witnessed in the words of Jesuit university students, a Jesuit education has a profound impact. From instilling Ignatian values, to promoting a more just world, the depth and breadth of this type of education runs very deep.

Participating in Democracy: The 6-Minute Ignatian Advocacy Challenge

If you disagree with the President’s executive orders for these, or other, reasons, I encourage you to reach out to your elected officials and participate in ISN’s 6-Minute Ignatian Advocacy Challenge. Democracy is a participatory endeavor, and it’s important to have our voices heard.

Sara Beste, Danny Swan, and Kristen Trudo named 2016 Emerging Leaders for Justice Award Recipients

Sara Beste (Boston College ‘05), Danny Swan (Wheeling Jesuit University ‘09), and Kristen Trudo (Loyola Marymount University ‘14) announced as 2016 recipients of the Moira Erin O’Donnell Emerging Leaders for Justice Award.