Holy Family, Holy Families, Wholly Family

What surprises might God have for us if we turn with open minds to face the issues of family that have emerged gradually over centuries and now characterize our times?

God is a God of Surprises: The Synod & Cura Personalis

The family – the domestic church, the cell of human society – needs the larger Body of Christ to show mercy, love and care for the whole person and for all families. It is impossible to know how this mid-term report will unfold in the upcoming week and in the year leading to the Synod in 2015. Perhaps in God’s game of peek-a-boo, there will be another long silence. Nevertheless, we wait with expectant faith for the God of Surprises.

Synod: Guide Us to Hold in Love All Families

As the Synod on Families continues at the Vatican, the daily gospel for October 8, 2014 is Jesus’s response in Luke 11:1-4 to the request that he teach his disciples to pray. I would like you to join me in praying for the Synod and its work as Jesus instructed the disciples.