INTERVIEW: Living on One Dollar a Day Documentary

In 2010, Zach Ingrasci, Chris Temple, and two other college students set out to rural Guatemala to live on one dollar a day for the summer. They encountered major challenges and found great hope, and along the way, discovered that there are no easy answers to solving global poverty.

Try to Talk to People No Matter How Hard

Before our flight took off we were given the routine instruction to turn off our cell phones, for me it marked the beginning of a week of detachment from technology, my daily routine and life as I formerly knew it. As I prepared to power down my phone I received one last text message.

Portfolio Items

Carlos Perez Alonso, S.J. | 1981 | Guatemala

Father Carlos Perez Alonso was born on October 24, 1936 in Briviesca in Burgos, Spain. He joined the Castile Province of the Society of Jesus and became an assistant pastor at the Parish of San Antonio in Guatemala as a prison and hospital chaplain…