Storytelling, Human Connection and Advocacy: Transforming Numbers into Faces

"Stories not only fill our hearts, they serve as powerful tools for advocacy," said Hannah Hunthausen, Program Coordinator, Faith & Family Homelessness Project, Seattle University School of the Theology & Ministry.

Homelessness: What Happens in the Spring?

In the freezing cold of the winter, it’s a little easier to make room in our hearts for those less fortunate. Especially around Christmas, we donate more of our time, effort, and money to food banks, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. We sponsor families and buy them Christmas gifts. We join in campaigns to make sure there is enough warm housing for all. But what happens in the spring? Just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean the struggle has been removed.

Homeless: Vulnerable Amid the Polar Vortex

In light of the recent polar vortex we are called to think about homeless outreach throughout the country.