The Road to Appalachia: Beginning With the End in Mind

In that 45-minute breakout session, I was reminded to look at a story from both sides. As I prepare to go with a group of my friends and peers in the spring, I am ready to receive whatever Appalachia will give me.

Searching for Significance through Static, Reflections on Spirituality, Social Justice, and Social Media

The reach of the Teach-In is hard to fathom. With an estimated 1,600 attendees, and the majority of them active on social media, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that tens of thousands of people were indirectly exposed to the messages of the Teach-In through media sources. The goal of the Teach-In was to give voice to the voiceless, to highlight areas in our collective history and present realities that need change, and I think that goal was accomplished spectacularly. Social media amplified the messages spoken at the Teach-In, and expanded the audience beyond just physical attendees.