Amid Government Human Rights Abuses in Honduras, Jesuits Speak Out

Amid a growing political crisis in Honduras, Jesuits in the Central American country and the United States have issued statements calling for an end to the government's use of force that has perpetuated human rights abuses throughout the country. 

Jesuits Defend Human Rights Leaders in Honduras Amid Attacks

Jesuits have released a letter defending Fr. Ismael Moreno, S.J. and eight other regional leaders and human rights defenders in Honduras in response to attacks.
Senator Tim Kaine with Jesuit Ismael Moreno Coto

Jesuit-Influenced Senator Tim Kaine Selected as Democratic Vice President Candidate

Senator Timothy Kaine (D-VA) has been selected by Hilary Clinton to be the vice presidential running mate for the Democratic ticket. Kaine is Catholic and a 1976 graduate of the Jesuit's Rockhurst High School and volunteered with a Jesuit missionary in Honduras during a break from law school in the early 1980's.