El Salvador: Open to Growth, with everything

written by: Don Clarke, Director of Campus Ministry, Jesuit High School - Portland, Oregon | The following is a part of a series of reflections from our 25th Anniversary Delegation to El Salvador participants. This post was originally posted on Jesuit High School's blog here.
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El Salvador: “Reality” Check

BY HANNAH COLEY | June 11, 2014 “On the one hand, things are far worse than they seem. On the other, they are far better. Sin abounds- but grace abounds even more. Whatever terrible things we have done, however cruel the world may be,…

Churchwomen of El Salvador: Their Spirit Lives On

As we remember the loss of Sr. Dorothy Kazel, Sr. Ita Ford, Sr. Maura Clarke and Jean Donovan who were martyred in El Salvador on December 2, 1980, we are reminded that their spirit lives on in the hearts of people throughout the world.