The Depth of a Jesuit Education

As witnessed in the words of Jesuit university students, a Jesuit education has a profound impact. From instilling Ignatian values, to promoting a more just world, the depth and breadth of this type of education runs very deep.

Men & Women for Others: Jesuit Universities Recognized for Service-Learning Excellence

Three Jesuit universities were recently recognized for their service-learning opportunities, providing an exceptional witness to the Jesuit educational mission of the integration of academics, social responsibility, and faith promoting justice.
Stefany Hernandez

Stefany Hernández: Alumna of Jesuit Fe y Alegria School Competes in Rio Olympics

Stefany Hernández is a Venezuelan athlete who participates in an unconventional sport: BMX Cycling. She is also a graduate of a Fe y Alegria school, a network of Jesuit elementary schools throughout Latin America, Carribbean, and Africa, serving children from families facing stark economic poverty.