S.T.O.P. crosses on the lawn in front of Camden City Hall, remembering the loss of 54 lives this year.

Remember the UCA Martyrs: Speak out against violence and poverty

The UCA martyrs were targeted because they responded to God’s call to stand with the voiceless, the poor and the crucified in our world.

Salvadoran Commander Responsible for Jesuit Martyrs Massacre Convicted of Immigration Fraud & Perjury

Montano, one of the six commanders responsible for the 1989 massacre of the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador and their companions, was recently indicted in a Spanish court for his role in the murders.

Reflecting on the Teach-In Crosses

On the wall in my office, there are two simple crosses. They are made out of Home Depot paint stirrers that I spray-painted white, and they have the names “Emilia Claros, 35” and “Julia Claros, 30” written across them. Students often come into my office and ask what they are – “Is that some sort of arts and crafts project?” Answering these questions always becomes a great teachable moment for me.