Life is a Beach (No, Not in That Way)

"It is tempting for us to find solace in our comforts–our beaches–but there must be the desire to dive back in. It is both who we are and what this year of JVC will require of us."

Be Still, and know that He is God

It was like God was literally making me be still, so that I might know Him better, just like the verse, "Be still and know that I am God."

A Letter to My White Ignatian Family

Editor's Note: Today's reflection is written by Kristen Trudo, a 15-16 Jesuit Volunteer, and was inspired by her recent experiences working in St. Louis, Missouri. Read her previous reflection about her JV experience here. Dear You, Writing about race scares me. I’m intimidated by the misconception that my words represent the experience of an entire race of people. I know they don’t. But I also know that some people will assume that they do. You are white. So perhaps this does not resonate with you. I believe that one must write anyways, though. And my objective is simple: I once heard that “justice is the minimum of love.” So I suppose I am challenging you, as a person of the Ignatian family, to not speak of love until you can first work for justice.