Small Moments

It is in these times, more than ever, that lessons of self-care and patience are absolutely vital in arming ourselves emotionally to do the work we do. JVC Northwest (naturally) gives us the tools to do this in our daily lives through the four values: social and ecological justice, spirituality, simple living, and community.

Season of Change

I’ve been forced to come to the unsettling conclusion that our systems do not adequately allocate care and funding to help everyone in need, and unfortunately, some people do get left behind. The youth—the future of America—seem to get priority over the folks who have struggled with homelessness and alcoholism for decades. No one says that upfront, but that appears to be the disturbing reality. Does this make sense? Should this make sense?

What Is and What Could Be

We can look out at our world as it currently exists and point out all of its flaws, but then transition to envisioning a more just and hopeful world without them. I suppose that the challenge is transforming the world from what is to what could be.