Gracias a Dios: Language Barriers and Solidarity

"If English is their second language," I thought, "how many times have they been through this same thing? How much more frustrating and unfavorable are language barriers for them than they are for me?"

On Standing Rock and Allyhood

I was once again met with a sense of discomfort. How does my being there for twenty hours compare to those who have lived there for several months? What does it mean to be an ally when you are not on the front lines of the cause? Was my being there just or merely an opportunity to make myself feel better?

"What's the Wi-Fi password?"

It's a question that members of the millennial cohort ask upon entering a friend's home--the generation in which all the members of my JVC community fall...However, we as a community don't have an answer to that question yet--we are still Wi-Fi free.