Law, Labor, Love

You don’t have to fully support their goals to realize that a resurgent labor movement is a good thing — a counterbalance to increasingly monolithic corporate powerhouses and a mediating institution for a seemingly voracious public sector. Justice — for janitors, chefs, teachers, sales clerks, or, yes, factory workers — is an important element, a constituent element of a just public order. And, in many ways, the current climate seems to ignore this.

Raise the Wage: Value Work, Value Worker Dignity

Across the country campaigns to "raise the wage" at the local, state and the federal levels are growing. The Ignatian Solidarity Network in partnership with the U.S. Jesuit Conference have collaborated to support the dignity of workers nationally via advocacy to "raise the wage" at the federal level.

Dismantling Unjust Structures – Fighting for the Minimum Wage

BY ANTHONY GIANCATARINO | February 5, 2014 In 1891, Pope Leo XIII stated that every worker has a right to sufficient wages in order to provide for his/(her) family.  Forty years later, Pope Pius XI reiterated the dignity of a worker calling…