Day 24: Love Your Neighbor

Our neighbors are all around us – living right next door; sleeping on the streets without food and shelter; working two jobs to support family; laughing on the outside but struggling on the inside; working in the warehouse down the street; fleeing violence overseas for a safer home here.

Day 23: Tend and Till the Earth

Christ took bread and wine, fruits of the earth, in his hands and blessed them. That same encounter should move us to obedience in taking up our ecological cross in solidarity with creation, one another, and the poor.

Day 22: The Truth

The truth is the truth no matter who chooses to believe it or speak it; it remains the truth. Injustice must not be forgotten, we must remember that we are a broken society that needs healing, and we cannot be distracted by the fanfare or the rhetoric of those that use it to distract us from the real work at hand.