Pope Francis

Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity. Pope Francis

Jesuit Refugee Service Joins Call to European Leaders to Alter Approach as Migrants Suffer

Jesuit Refugee Service Europe has joined Caritas Europe in calling on European leaders to alter their approach to migration, as European Union members gathered today to discussion migration policies for the region.

Remember the Sudanese refugees

On Friday, December 18th, the Jordanian government deported 585 Sudanese refugees back to Sudan, ignoring the outcry of the international community. I grew close to this warm and resilient community during my time in Jordan working with JRS; however, I also saw firsthand that Sudanese refugees are truly living at the margins, overshadowed by Jordan’s other refugee influxes and overlooked in service provision. Jordan was home to approximately 4,000 Sudanese, primarily Darfuri, refugees and asylum seekers before the deportation.